Welcome, You've got mail!

Welcome, You've got mail!

Hey, Hello, Welcome, For years I've used email marketing with different products. I've used different tools and I've even built my own email marketing tool, well I've actually built 2 now.

I've read a lot about email marketing, learned a lot. Failed with some things and succeeded with others, I've used different email marketing tools and liked some of them.

So I decided to create this site, to share the things I've tried if it's worked and even if it hasn't. I'll be documenting the things I am doing to build and grow my own email list and newsletter right here all in the open.

Sharing tips to help bring your Email Marketing to the next level.

Why Email Marketing?

Email marketing is one of the most effective marketing channels available. Not everyone has a Facebook account, not everyone is on Twitter or LinkedIn. But they have an email inbox and that's a direct line to them.

4.1 billion people use email today. It's estimated that there will be 4.6 billion people using email by 2025 

An engaged email list will give you more feedback, opens, purchases than anything else. It's not something that can be changed at the wimp of a crazy algorithm. Your email will arrive in their inbox. The trick is getting them to open it and read.  

Email Marketing for Friends, Family and your Nemesis

You can use email marketing to keep your family, friends updated on your travels, on that house renovation you are doing. (Probably should have done that myself, might wait until I'm putting the pool in to start that.)

When everyone is scattered and everyone isn't on social media, it can be a really good way to keep everyone updated.

Email Marketing for Potential Customers

You know when you go visit a site and they have that "Sign up for Updates" popup, that's what this is, you are not a customer yet... but the goal is to get you to be a customer.

That's the goal here, when people visit your website you capture their email address and build an email list that you can send emails to. Share what you are working on, new features, case studies of other customers, etc.

Email Marketing for Onboarding Customers

Someone signs up for a trial account, you start with the "Welcome" email, then send a few more emails every few days of the trial, sharing tips, features they might find interesting. Don't forget the "How's the trial going"

It's a great way to support new customers, give them a chance to get in touch and ask questions, offer feedback.

Email Marketing for Customers

I buy a lot of coffee, mostly from independent Irish coffee roasters, scattered around Ireland. I am always amazed by the lack of newsletters from them. It's a huge opportunity to reach out to me and offer me a new blend or some tips on brewing coffee. Remind me how good the last coffee was, get me to come back and order more.

You have already built trust with your customers by delivering a great experience, so this is a great way to share more tips.

  • That new feature you have worked on, share with your customers.
  • New coffee blend you are working on, drop into my inbox and let me give you my money.

This is when you can build your brand. Giving customers an email also gives them to share with friends that might also be interested in what you are offering.

Sharing your Interest

I'll be honest, I thought about calling this the "Email marketing for your Interest" section, but it didn't hit right.

This is when you have an interest, a hobby and what to share it with the world, to connect with other people who share that hobby or interest. It could be magic, photography, anything really.

But you aren't really interested in making money from it. And that's a great use for email newsletters.

What's coming up

The goal of this site is to be the email marketing guide, breaking down some of the mystery and giving you the information, tips and ideas to help build your list and your email marketing skillset.

Sharing the knowledge that I've gathered and learned. Even the things that haven't worked for me might work for you.

It's less about insights and stats, more about actionable ideas you can use right now.

I will be taking a deep dive into the different email marketing tools out there, showing you how to get started with them and the pros and cons of using them.

Quick tips and ideas that might be small things you can do to help grow your list and engagement.

We'll be exploring the topics above about building an email list, using email marketing to keep your nemesis updated. Sharing your interest and even the email marketing for customers and soon to be customers.

Thank you for reading. It means a lot to me that you got this far. I'd love it if you shared this post and/or signed up below for updates. Any feedback is really welcome.


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James Kenny

James Kenny

Writing about email marketing and building things on the internet. In between brewing coffee and taking photographs, sometimes just photo's of brewing coffee.